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VRLens360.com is a company that provides high quality virtual reality lens since our inception last January 2015. We are offering VR goggles, lens for 3D videos and movies, which are completely compatible with any iOS and Android phone devices. We are honored to present our VR Lens and with our mission to create unique and new products in virtual reality industry. With VR industry rapidly growing, our VRLend360 product is offered at a very affordable price for users who want to be engaged in this new, fast growing technology. Our VRLens360 product incorporates the smart phone technology with the app store offerings. As a matter of fact, we are the leading provider of VR Glasses to 500 schools across the State of California.

Our VRLens product will provide you an immersed virtual reality through the use of your smartphone. By using an already integrated technology, you can possibly download content that can immediately transform your living into another world when watching movies, playing games, travelling to one place to another, swimming with sharks, and many more. With our product featuring full 360 degree head movement and split 3D screen, this would take you into another dimension.

VRLens360 will allow you to step away from mundanity of your life and enter a completely new world from the comforts of your own bedroom, room, or even bathroom if you wanted. You can now watch 3D movies anytime, dive into the virtual world and play and any simulated games in your device through our VRLens360 product. The VRLens360 headset is very easy to use that even your grandfather can do it. With its 360 degrees content that uses gyroscope in your smartphone devices, it detects when your head is going to move; you can look down, up and anywhere in order for you to get used with the VR surroundings. It also has adjustable head strap that will allow you to perfectly fit it to your noggin as well as adjusting the lens to provide you the best view of virtual reality world.

Our team is very excited to provide you with impeccable experience in shopping our product online and completely remains available in order to assist you anytime as we ship directly from a US-based warehouse.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about your order online, you can call our toll free number at 855-284-8070 or email us at [email protected] for immediate support.